Corporate, Heritage and Consumer Digitisation Services in Oxfordshire UK

From 1 family wedding VHS tape to 1000's of corporate tapes, photographic film or heritage document collections.  Helping to preserve future archives and memories to industry standards by digitising once and preserving forever.

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Future Proofing your Corporate, Heritage and Consumer Archives
For over 15 years, our expert team of archive technicians and engineers have been working with educational facilities, production houses, corporate business, museums, libraries and private clients providing audio-visual, photographic film and document digitisation and imaging services in line with IASA guidelines and The National Archives Standards for analogue media including rare, fragile and specialist collections.    

To ensure your confidence, we adhere to the preservation of digital records using The National Archives Standards and The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives TC-06 guidelines. We actively support The National Archives in tackling the challenges of digital preservation, ensuring continued access to digital information in the future.

Corporate Audio and Video Tape Conversions


Broadcast Tapes
Family Tapes
Motion Film
Cine Film

Document Scanning - Short Order and Large Order Scanning Oxford

Document & Book

Book Scanning
Bulk Documents
Wide Format Scanning
Photograph Albums
Personal Records

Heritage Digitisation Services Oxford

 Heritage Archive

Complex Scanning
Data Recovery
Specialist Work
Mixed Archives

Photographic Film Digitisation Services in Oxford

Photographic Film

Slides & Negatives
Medium Format Film
Glass Plates Negatives
X-Ray Film
Microfilm & Aperture

We are proud to be one of the  leading archiving, digitisation and imaging companies in the UK and Europe offering cutting edge quality audio-visual conversions using World leading AWS Elemental archival analogue conversion units, alongside leading Blackmagic decks, Prism Sound and Izotope audio restoration.  Alongside our highly impressive archive department offering Bookeye, Contex, Silverfast AI Archive Suite and Adobe Creative Suite software to provide all supported digital imaging output formats. 

Our professional engineers and technicians are experts in their field, processing audio-visual, photographic film, motion picture and document imaging  orders at our state of the art in-house facilities in Kidlington, just outside the beautiful City of Oxford and within easy reach of all transport links.   With a large car park and lovely gardens, you are welcome to drop orders in during our office hours.

Our engineers and technicians are always available to talk to you during business hours on 01865 457000. If you prefer, you can send us a message directly to

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Broadcast Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire

Audio-Visual Magnetic Tapes

Corporate  Audio-Visual  Digitising for Analogue and Digital Tape Formats. To 10bit AVI, Pro-Res, H.264, MOV,  Upscale / Downscale

Family Video Tape Transfers in

Family Audio & Video Transfers

Converting Family Tapes to Digital Files and DVDs. All Format Video & Audio Tapes, Vinyls, PATHE, Laserdiscs, Reel to Reels, Floppy Discs.

Book Scanning and OCR services in Oxfordshire UK

Book & Document Scanning

Bulk Document Scanning and Short Order Scanning to include Book Scanning, Magazines, Rare Volumes, Scrapbooks  to JPEG, TIFF or PDF files.

Bulk Photograph Scanning in Oxfordshire UK

Photo & Album Scanning

Our bulk photograph scanning and album scanning  solutions are perfect for high quality scans to JPEG or TIFF.

Negative and Slide Scanning, Photograph Scanning, Document Scanning, Medium Format Scanning Oxfordshire UK

Slides & Negative Scanning

35mm Slides & Negatives.  Archive Scanning, Medium Format Film, Glass Plate Negatives. Photo Restoration and Printing Services.

Artwork Scanning Services in oxfordshire

Artwork Scanning

High Quality Digital TIFF, JPEG or PDF Files. Using WideTek Technology, Epson Superior Performance Scanning  and Silverfast Archival Capabilities.

Old Cine Film to DVD or Digital File in Oxfordshire UK

Cine Film Scanning

Using Professional Telecine, Converting Old Cine Film 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm. 35mm Film. Super8 Film. Super 16 Film.  Film Sound Reels to Digital Files or DVD.

35mm 16mm Motion Picture Film Scanning to 2k/4k in oxfordshire

Motion Film Scanning 2K/4K

Professional Blackmagic Cintel 35mm & 16mm Motion Picture Film Scanning to 2K and 4K Standards. Variety of Output Options Available.

Data Recovery of all analogue media in oxfordshire uk

Data Recovery

Data Recovery of 3.5" Floppy Diskettes, Iomega Jazz/Zip Drives, 5.25"Diskettes, Hard Drives, Phones, Laptops and much more. 

Microfilm microfiche aperture card scanning in oxfordshire

Microfilm Scanning

16mm Microfiche, 35mm Microfiche, Combination Microfiche, COM Microfiche, 16mm Microfilm, 35mm Microfilm Aperture Card Scanning.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR Searchable Services

Optical Character Recognition. Converting Scanned Documents to OCR PDF and Word. Comparison Reports to support accuracy.

Broadcast Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire

Audio-Visual Magnetic Tapes

Corporate Audio-Visual  Digitising from Analogue and Digital Tape Formats. To 10bit AVI, Pro-Res, H.264, MOV,  Upscale / Downscale

Archival Glass Plate Scanning, Photograph Scanning, Document Scanning, Medium Format Scanning Oxfordshire UK

Heritage Photographic Film  

Heritage Scanning Services, Glass Plate Negative Slides, Lantern Slides, X-Rays, Transparency Sheets 

Audio tapes to digital file oxfordshire uk

Audio Tapes & Restoration 

Audio Cassettes. Reel to Reel Tapes. Vinyls. Professional Audio Formats WAV MP3. Izotope Audio Restoration. Archive Tape Transfers, Baking and Restoration.

Wide Format Scanning in Oxfordshire UK

Wide Format Scanning

Engineer Drawings, Architect Plans, Construction Plans, Oversize Artwork, Aerial Photographs, Rare Formats, Diagrams, Fabric.

We are market leaders and are highly recommended in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley areas by leading businesses to include B4 Business, Blenheim Palace, World History Archives, NHS Trust, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire County Council, Sobell House, Oxfordshire Soldiers Museum, The Open University, University of Oxford, PACE, Tusk Trust, Nightshift Music Magazine and Turan Audio Mastering. 

B4 Business Networking

Richard Rosser - B4 Business

“Without any doubt, Cheryl and her team are dedicated and highly skilled, a solid gold supplier.”

Headington Girls School

Deb Prior - HSO

They are superb at meeting tight deadlines which has helped me tremendously.  Encompassing all of this is that I trust then.

National Archives

Compliant to National Archives Guidance and Standards

We play an active role in the conversion of analogue media into digital formats, ready for preservation and access for the future.

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