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Please find below a few case studies from recent projects we have undertaken. If you would like to see further examples of our work, please do contact us on 01865 457000 or email

Oxfordshire Record Society - Digitisation of Book Archives

Oxfordshire Record Society - Digitisation of Book Archives

The Oxfordshire Record Society was founded in 1919.  In 2019, it celebrated 100 years of publishing primary sources for the history of the county of Oxfordshire, and raising awareness and understanding of this vital evidence of the historic county. The cover of the Oxfordshire Record Society’s very first volume, published in 1919, showed its intention to cover the whole county, taking it beyond the Oxford city and university emphases of other organisations. The central symbol is the coat of arms of Oxfordshire County Council, the first modern county government, established in 1889 and just 30 years old in 1919; at the four corners of the cover are the seals of Banbury and Henley, Chipping Norton and Woodstock. 

The new Society combined elements of old and new, of antiquarian traditions and fresh aspirations. It aimed to encourage newer fields such as economic and social history, to demonstrate the importance of local records, and to engage different audiences in the history of their locality’s past, through the growing schools system and the wider community. To read more about the founders of the ORS and its development, click here.

UK Atomic Energy Authority - GOV.UK

UK Atomic Energy Authority - GOV.UK

Working for many years with UKAEA, a researches fusion energy and related technologies authority, we are proud to provide our ongoing services, digitising a plethora of important document and large format scanning services, offering solutions and idea to all document, manual, plans, floppy diskettes and photographic film type digital outputs.

NHS Laboratory Book Scanning Oxford UK

Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Our services support the ongoing laboratory book scanning of NDCLS's pathology digitisation into evidence proofed PDF files, for the preservation and online use of important human disorders.  It is very important that careful book scanning is prepared, to digitise all important details, pull-outs, flip pages and stapled attachments.  These are  carefully prepared by trained staff to digitise these books.  

Jersey Heritage Trust 16mm Motion Film Digitisation in Oxford UK

Jersey Heritage Trust

Working closely with Jersey Heritage,  an independent trust which is responsible for the island's major historic sites, museums, and public archives,   we are entrusted to digitise their large collections of motion film and other media to National Archive Standard outputs,  ensuring the important preservation of  information relating to Jersey's history, culture, and environment for online use and preservation.

The Oxford Union Society Audio Tape and Reel Digitisation in Oxford UK

The Oxford Union Society

Our professional engineering departments supports The Oxford Union Society with their ongoing collections, digitising important notable debates held on audio reels and cassette tapes, which have reverberated around the world to the guest speakers who have been questioned and challenged by the Society’s members, our services ensure National Archive Standard digital outputs for long term preservation.

Bodleian Libraries Sir Roger Bannister Archives Digitised in Oxford UK

Bodleian Libraries Archives - Sir Roger Bannister Archives

Working with The Bodleian Library and Sir Roger Bannister's families archive, we were tasked with digitising a wide variety of archive materials, including audio and video tapes, bound and loose letters and material, photographic collections of printed media, photograhic film, plates, maps, books, newspaper and complex documents . Utilising a wide range of archival equipment, from overhead capture systems to cradle devices, AWS conversion facilities and photographic film scanners, we successfully digitised the ongoing archive into National Archive Standard digital formats for long term preservation. This required many careful methods of capture and indexation, so ensure metadata quality across their considerable digital assets. Over the course of 18 months,  we created over 200,000 images with our team of professional archive staff members, all working from our state of the art building in Kidlington, 5 miles from the beautiful city of Oxford.   

Gunpowder and Glory

Gunpowder & Glory

Working with our client, digitising a fascinating large archive of newspaper cuttings, to support a thrilling biography of the brilliant British inventor and daredevil war here, whose efforts saved countless lives during WW1.  

Casemate Publishers

Magdalen, Moore, and Music

Magdalen, Moore, and Music

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a bit of Haydn (and some Palestrina), first heard in the Chapel almost 65 years ago..  As for what these recordings sound like, the technicians at the Oxford Duplication Centre have been able to play and convert the records to digital files, meaning that they can be listened to now and in the future.  

Magdalen College

Michael O’Hanlon (former Director, Pitt Rivers Museum)

Archival TIFF/RAW 35mm Slide Scanning

Oxford Duplication Centre digitised to archive standard c.3000 historically important 35mm slides and negatives.. Their service was always responsive, the results fine and any requests for re-scans immediately agreed. Best of all, the originals were always most carefully handled and invariably returned in good order. 

Michael O’Hanlon (former Director, Pitt Rivers Museum)

Peter Strickland Personal Collections Digitised in Oxford UK

Personal Collections Digitised

"I've had various old things transferred to digital at the Oxford Duplication Centre and everything has been done immaculately with great care and attention. The highlight for me has been the transfer of old vinyl to WAV files and compact discs with the inclusion of the artwork and even the central disc labels on the discs. Highly recommended." 

Peter Strickland

Fritillary Journal Publications in Oxford UK

The Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire |  Fritillary Journal Publications

The first-ever volume of Fritillary, this represented a new venture for the Society and the Trust. It is still in demand and it has been reprinted so that hard copies are still available.

Recently, however, we have had editions scanned and with the use of Optical Character recognition to a high level, we are now able to make a pdf of it available. See below.


  • Coppicing in Brasenose Wood, Oxfordshire by R J Fuller and David Steel
  • Seedling populations in chalk grassland and scrub, and their possible significance for amenity and conservation management by C J Smith and K Ibberson
  • The birds of Wytham – an historical survey by Andy Gosler

Fritillary 1 
Originally published in May 1990, published online May 2023

16mm Microfilm Scanning Transfer Services Oxfordshire UK

Essex County Council 

Converting 16mm and 35mm microfilm digitisation services to PDF outputs for online use.   

35mm Microfilm Scanning and Transfers Oxfordshire UK

Transparency Scanning

Providing high quality digital images of transparency film types to Archival TIFF/RAW files. 

Microfiche Jacket Scanning Transfers Oxfordshire UK

Audio Reels

Digitising complex magnetic audio tapes and reels into preservation quality digital files. 

Microfilm Aperture Card Scanning Services in Oxfordshire UK

35mm Slide Scanning 

Digitising a large archive of 35mm positive slides into high quality archive quality TIFF files. 

Digitising Document and Books

Digitising Documents

Working with clients all over the UK, we digitise corporate, consumer and heritage document, book and map archives into suitable digital files for online use. 

Our Bookeye A1 Book Scanner offers high resolution planetary scanning for fragile delicate books and rare maps, parchment or materials  up to DIN A1+.   

Photographic Film Digitisation Services in Oxford UK

Digitising Photo Film

Our archive department is equipped with the leading photographic film and photograph machinery, ensuring consistent and high quality digitistion of all film type formats from 110mm to glass plate negatives.

Adhering to The National Archives Specifications, our  services are both leading and award winning, ensuring complete confidence. 

Broadcast Audio-Video Tape Digitisation in Oxford UK

Digitising Audio-Video 

Working with the leading AWS and Blackmagic conversion processors, our services incorporate every audio, video, vinyl and reel format in both open spool and closed tape formats. 

Digital file formats can support clients with Pro-ResHQ, 10-bit AVI,  MPEG4, AIFF, WAV, MP3, with most other options available upon request.       

Cherwell Business Awards Winner 2022

Cherwell Business Awards

September 2022 we won The Cherwell Micro Business Awards category.  Then in September 2023, we were thrilled to be one of the top 3 finalists for the Small Business Awards.

     Entries are extremely high so we were thrilled to be recognised as worthy of both these awards. 

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