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Turning all of your home movies, audio reels, cine film, slides, negatives, documents, photos and other media  into a digital formats so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed on every modern device, to include CD DVD and USBs. 

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VHS Tapes to DVD and USB Oxfordshire UK

Video Tape Transfers

VHS VHS-C, Betamax, Video8 / HI-8 / Digital8, MiniDV MiniDVD, MicroMV

Consumer Family Audio Tape Transfers

Audio Tape Cassettes

Standard & Micro Audio Cassettes, DAT, ADAT Tape Transfers

Audio Reel To Reel Magnetic Tape Conversions

Audio Reel to Reels

1/4" Audio Master Reels, 1/2" Consumer Reel to Reel Spool Transfers 

78rpm Vinyl Lp Conversions

Shellac Vinyl Records

Voice O Graphs, 78rpm Records, Shellac Discs, Pathe Records, Singles, Artwork

Optical Discs, Laser Disc Transfer Services Oxfordshire UK

Optical Discs  

LaserDiscs Conversion, MiniDVDs, CD, DVD USBs

Floppy Diskette Services Oxfordshire UK

Floppy Diskettes

Iomega Zip\Jaz Drives, 5.25" Diskettes, 3.5" Floppy Discs

Old Cine Film Transfers Oxfordshire UK

8mm, 9.5mm Cine Films

8mm Cine Film, 9.5mm Cine Film, 16mm Cine Film

Optical Sound 16mm Cine Film Conversions

16mm & 35mm Motion Film

16mm & 35mm Motion Film - Optical and Magnetic

Corporate Conversions

 Photograph Scanning

HQ Bulk Photograph Scanning and Album Scanning Solutions

Artwork Scanning Services Oxfordshire UK

Artwork Scanning

HQ Digital Files of your Art When you Don’t Necessarily Require Giclées

Heritage Digitisation Services in Oxfordshire UK

Personal Collections

Digitising Private Collections of Books, Diaries, Papers and Prints

X-Ray Negative Services in Oxfordshire UK

X-Ray Film Scanning    

All format x-ray scanning - Dental, Medium and Large Transparency Sheets

Glass Plate Scanning Services Oxfordshire UK

Glass Plate Negatives  

Positive and Negative Lantern Slides, Quarter Plate, Half Plate Scanning

Slides and Negative Services in Oxfordshire UK

35mm Slide Scanning

35mm Slides, 35mm Negative Strips, 110 Pocket Slides, 3D Stereo, 127 Film

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29 Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ. Parking is available at the front of the building or rear car park.

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