Tape Cassette Audio Restoration Services

Izotope Audio Enhancements and Restoration Oxfordshire UK

Click, crackle and hum - the wonders of audio restoration

Oxford Duplication Centre specialise in providing a complete audio restoration, enhancement and recovery service for audio that is inaudible or requiring restoration. From providing quality sound restoration and audio enhancement, to professional editing and mastering services.

If you require a more enhanced service then our criminal evidence audio restoration service is perfect for extracting even the most inaudible sounds for evidence in court.

Audio Editing Services can include: Video and Audio Criminal Evidence Restoration Services Video and Audio Restoration Audio Video Noise Reductions Digital Audio Enhancements Forensic Audio Restoration Audio Evidence Presentation Audio Evidence Audio and Video Forensic Services for Solicitors Digital Restoration and Enhancement Image Video and Audio Enhancements Media Conversion and Restoration Services

Video Editing on all current HD and SD Formats Encoding to any Web Based Format Titling and Subtitling Colour Correction and Stabilisation Audio Mixing, Incidental Music Dubbing and Voice Overs Frame by Frame Face Blur Sound and Picture Improvements Blu-Ray, DVD, CD or USB Authoring

HOURLY COSTS 40.00 60.00 100.00 150.00 200.00 45PHR

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