Our Services within Film

  • Mac, PC, Windows, CP/M floppy disks
  • Mac, PC Hard Drives
  • Apple II, Commodore, Atari computer floppy disks
  • Magneto-optical (MO) disks
  • Brother, Smith-Corona, Panasonic word processors
  • IBM Mainframe, IBM and DEC Minicomputer floppy disks
  • Jaz, Zip, Rev, SyQuest, Bernoulli disk cartridges
  • Mavipak, XAP Shot, VF-50, VFD-50 video floppy disks

We transfer all kinds of disks We not only copy your files - but convert them to formats you can use today

Cine Film 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm

Cine tape film transfers to DVD USB or MPEG4, AVI or Pro-Res digital files. Perfect for corporate and family archiving. The turn around at our Studio is around 10-12 working days depending on demand.

Film Conversion

Using GoldenEye III 2K film scanner we can offer high quality transfers to DPX files for film preservation as a high resolution copy can be retained for future use and all file formats in all resolutions can be made from this.

Professional Tape Transfers

We handle convert a wide range of professional video tapes. These can be encoded to most codecs suitable for your archival requirements.

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am - 3pm.
29 Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ. Parking is available at the front of the building or rear car park.

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