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Scan Maps, Plans and Drawings for the Construction Industry at Oxford Duplication Centre

Wide Format Construction Scanning Archiving and Imaging Solutions in Oxfordshire UK

Efficient, Secure, and Affordable Wide Format Document Scanning

We can scan our images all the way up to 1200 DPI in resolution, in black & white, grayscale, or color to capture the highest quality imagery of your plans.

If you are looking to convert your paper files to a digital format, we provide affordable, high-quality document scanning solutions at our offices in Kidlington. Our services include document scanning, microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, architectural drawing conversion, cloud storage solutions.

With our highly skilled staff and facilities that offer competitive pricing, companies are able to enjoy significant savings in time and money.

  • Engineering drawings
  • Housing plans
  • Electrical circuit drawings
  • Railway plans
  • Building /construction drawings
  • Paintings
  • Artwork
  • Local area maps
  • Technical product drawings

Large Format PDF Scanning | Standard Paper 300dpi

Suitable for large format documents on paper no thicker than 160gsm and that can be easily fed through our large format scanner.  

Engineering Drawings | Railway Plans | Circuit Drawings | Housing Plans | Building and Contruction Drawings | Technical Drawings | Inkwork Drawings | Artwork on Paper 

STANDARD FORMAT DPI QUALITY 1-9 10-24 25-99 100-499 500+
A2 - A0 Document PDF 300 B&W/Colour 5.00 3.50 2.00 1.00 0.75
A2 - A0 Document TIFF 300 B&W/Colour 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 2.00
All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

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Our offices and large customer parking are located at the back of our premise, 29b Rear Part Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ, behind the large green building attached, opposite Benmead Road.

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