Professional Broadcast Conversion of Corporate Video and Audio Tapes to Professional Outputs

Oxford Duplication are specialists in the digitising and conversion to digital files all broadcast tapes HDCAM SR HDCAM DIGITAL BETACAM DVCPRO HD Mini-DV 3/4" U-Matic Betacam SP DVCAM Hi8 Betacam SX VHS NTSC + PAL ProRes 422HQ MOV H264 Uncompressed 8 or 10 Bit DPX.

 Many problems plague these aging formats. Besides the expensive cost of analogue decks, issues can occur with specific tapes if oxides in the tape fall off and clog up deck heads, requiring frequent cleaning. These tapes are also susceptible to a condition known as sticky-shed syndrome. This is where the tape begins to stick to itself, preventing playback in any deck. We are experts at resolving these issues in order to transfer your videos to digital format.

 Clients include Universities, Production Houses, Museums, Historical Societies, Libraries, Educational Sectors and Corporate Businesses.   Please email or Tel: 01865 457000 

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Umatic Tape Corporate Conversions

U-matic Consumer
(1971 – 1990s)

U-matic S (1974 – 1990s)

U-matic S
(1974 – 1990s)

VHS Tapes to DVD and USB Oxfordshire UK

Professional VHS
(1976 – late 2000s)

Betacam Tape Transfers

Betacam Broadcast 
(1982 – 1990s)

U-matic SP (1986 – late 1990s)

U-matic SP
(1986 – late 1990s)

D1 (1987 – 1990s)

D1 Large Cassettes
(1987 – 1990s)

S VHS Video Camcorder Tape Transfers Oxfordshire UK

Super VHS
(1987 – early 2000s)

D2 (1988 – 2000s)

D2 Large Cassettes
(1988 – 2000s)

HI8 Camcorder Video Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire

(1989 – 2007)

Betacam SP Tape Transfers

Betacam SP Broadcast
(1986 – 2001)

Digital Betacam Tape Transfers

Digital Betacam
Broadcast (1993 – 2016)

Mini DV and HDV Tape Transfers Oxfordshire UK

(1995 – late 2000s)

Betacam SX (1996 – 2007)

Betacam SX Broadcast
(1996 – 2007)

HDCam Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire UK

HDCAM Broadcast
(1997 – 2016)

MPEG IMX (2001 – 2016)

MPEG IMX Broadcast
(2001 – 2016)

HDCam SR Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire UK

HDCAM SR Broadcast
(2003 – 2016)

DVCpro Video Tape Services Oxfordshire UK

DVCPRO Broadcast 
(1995 – early 2010s)

DVCam Tape Transfer Services in Oxfordshire UK

DVCAM Broadcast 
(1996 – )

DVCpro50 Video Tape Services Oxfordshire UK

DVCPRO50 Broadcast
(1997 – early 2010s)

DVCPRO HD (2000 – early 2010s)

(2000 – early 2010s)

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